Asterisk : The Cookbook 食譜 015 - PBX

Q015 可以說說 PBX 交換機模組嗎?


  1. pbx_ael Asterisk Extension Logic (AEL) offers a dialplan scripting language that looks like a modern programming language. (有用的)
  2. pbx_config This is the traditional, and most popular, dialplan language for Asterisk. Without this module, Asterisk cannot read extensions.conf. (有用的)
  3. pbx_dundi Performs data lookups on remote Asterisk systems. (有用的)
  4. pbx_loopback Performs something similar to a dialplan include, but in a deprecated manner. (不重要)
  5. pbx_lua Allows creation of a dialplan using the Lua scripting language. (有用的)
  6. pbx_realtime Provides functionality related to the Asterisk Realtime Architecture. (有用的)
  7. pbx_spool Provides outgoing spool support relating to Asterisk call files.(有用的)

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