Asterisk : The Cookbook 食譜 011 - 通道驅動

Q011: 可以說說通道驅動嗎?

如果沒有通道驅動的話,Asterisk 就沒有辦法完成通話。每個通道實作支援了某一協定,例如 SIP, ISDN 等。通道模組就像是 Asterisk 核心的中繼器。

  1. chan_agent Provides agent channel for Queue() (有用的)
  2. chan_alsa Provides connection to Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (有用的)
  3. chan_bridge Used internally by the ConfBridge() application; should not be used directly Essential a chan_console Utilizes the portaudio library to provide a cross-platform console channel driver that uses the system sound device (有用的)
  4. chan_dahdi Provides connection to PSTN cards that use DAHDI channel drivers (有用的)
  5. chan_gtalk Provides connection to Google Talk (過期的, 參考 chan_motif)
  6. chan_h323 Provides connection to H.323 endpoints (過期的,參考 chan_ooh323)
  7. chan_iax2 Provides connection to IAX2 endpoints (有用的)
  8. chan_jingle Provides connection to Jingle-enabled endpoints (過期的,參考chan_motif)
  9. chan_local Provides a mechanism to treat a portion of the dialplan as a channel (有用的)
  10. chan_mgcp Media Gateway Control Protocol channel driver (有用的)
  11. chan_misdn Provides connection to mISDN-supported ISDN cards (有限制的)
  12. chan_motif Implements the Jingle protocol, including the ability to connect to Google Talk and Google Voice; introduced in Asterisk 11 (有用的)
  13. chan_multicast_rtp Provides connection to multicast Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP) streams (有用的)
  14. chan_nbs Network Broadcast Sound channel driver (不重要)
  15. chan_oss Open Sound System driver (有用的)
  16. chan_phone Linux telephony interface driver (very old) (不重要)
  17. chan_sip Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) channel driver (重要)
  18. chan_skinny Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) channel driver (有用的)
  19. chan_unistim Nortel Unistim protocol channel driver (有用的)

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