Asterisk : The Cookbook 食譜 007: 應用程式模組

Q007: 可以說說應用程式模組嗎?


  1. app_adsiprog 載入類比顯示服務介面(Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI)) 腳本到相容的類比電話(不重要)
  2. app_alarmreceiver 接收來自報警設備的報告(不重要)
  3. app_amd 偵測答錄機(不可靠)
  4. app_authenticate 針對提供的字符串(密碼)比對雙音多頻(DTMF)輸入(有用)
  5. app_cdr 寫入制式記錄到詳細通話記錄(CDR)(有用)
  6. app_celgenuserevent 產生用戶自訂事件到 通道事件記錄(CEL)
  7. app_chanisavail  檢查通道狀態 (不可靠)
  8. app_channelredirect 轉向,強迫其他通道轉向到撥號計劃中的另外一部份 (有用)
  9. app_chanspy 監聽,允許通道聆聽另一通道的語音 (有用)
  10. app_confbridge 提供視訊會議功能 (有用)
  11. app_controlplayback 播放提示音,並具快轉、倒轉功能 (有用)
  12. app_dahdibarge 允許在 DAHDI 通道中闖入 (過期)
  13. app_dahdiras 在 DAHDI 通道中建立遠端存取伺服器 (Remote Access Server) (不重要)
  14. app_db 用來編輯(加、減、修) Asterisk 內建的 SQLite 記錄 (過期,請參考 func_db)
  15. app_dial 用來將通道連接起來(也就是打電話) (重要)
  16. app_dictate 播放一筆通話記錄並具有開始/停止功能 (有用)
  17. app_directed_pickup 接聽另一線電話(插撥) (有用)
  18. app_directory 顯示 voicemail.conf 中的姓名清單(有用)
  19. app_disa 提供撥號音頻並接受雙音多頻(DTMF)輸入(有用)
  20. app_dumpchan 傾印通道參數到 Asterisk 命令列介面 (CLI) (有用)
  21. app_echo 回音,重導收到的語音到來話通道 (有用)
  22. app_exec 在某些狀況下執行撥號計畫應用程式(包括 Exec() , TryExec() , and ExecIf() ) (有用)
  23. app_externalivr 將 Asterisk 控制成其他程式語言(C, PHP, Perl, shell...)的非同步中繼介面(AGI) (有用)
  24. app_fax 傳真, 提供 SendFax() and ReceiveFax() (有用)
  25. app_festival Enables basic text to speech using Festival TTS engine (有用)
  26. app_flash Performs a hook-switch flash on channels (primarily analog) (有用)
  27. app_followme Performs find me/follow me functionality based on followme.conf (有用)
  28. app_forkcdr Starts new CDR record on current call (有用)
  29. app_getcpeid Gets the ADSI CPE ID (不重要)
  30. app_ices Sends audio to an Icecast server (有用)
  31. app_image Transmits an image to supported devices (有限)
  32. app_ivrdemo Sample application for developers (不重要)
  33. app_jack Works with JACK Audio Connection Kit to share audio between compatible applications (有用)
  34. app_macro Triggers dialplan macros (過期,參考 Sub())
  35. app_meetme Provides multiparty conferencing (有用)
  36. app_milliwatt Generates 1,004 Hz tone for testing loss on analog circuits (有用)
  37. app_minivm Provides primitive functions to allow you to build your own voicemail application in dialplan (有用)
  38. app_mixmonitor Records both sides of a call and mixes them together (有用)
  39. app_morsecode Generates Morse code (有用)
  40. app_mp3 Uses mpg123 to play an MP3 (不重要)
  41. app_nbscat Streams audio from Network Broadcast Stream (NBS) (不重要)
  42. app_originate Allows origination of a call (有用)
  43. app_osplookup Performs Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) lookup (有用)
  44. app_page Creates multiple audio connections to specified devices for public address (paging) (有用)
  45. app_parkandannounce Enables automated announcing of parked calls (有用)
  46. app_playback Plays a file to the channel (does not accept input) (有用)
  47. app_playtones Plays pairs of tones of specified frequencies (有用)
  48. app_privacy Requests input of caller’s phone number if no CallerID is received (不重要)
  49. app_queue Provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) app_read Requests input of digits from callers and assigns input to a variable (有用)
  50. app_readexten Requests input of digits from callers and passes call to a designated extension and context (有用)
  51. app_readfile Loads contents of a text file into a channel variable (過期,參考 func_env)
  52. app_record Records received audio to a file (有用)
  53. app_sayunixtime Plays back time in specified format (有用)
  54. app_senddtmf Transmits DTMF to calling party (有用)
  55. app_sendtext Sends a text string to compatible channels (不重要)
  56. app_setcallerid Sets CallerID on a channel (過期,參考 func_callerid)
  57. app_skel Sample application for developers (有用)
  58. app_sms Sends SMS message in compatible countries (有限制的)
  59. app_softhangup Requests hangup of channel (有用)
  60. app_speech_utils Provides utilities relating to speech recognition (有用)
  61. app_stack Provides Gosub() , GoSubIf() , Return() , StackPop() , LOCAL() , and LOCAL_PEEK() (重要的)
  62. app_system Executes commands in a Linux shell (有用)
  63. app_talkdetect Similar to app_background , but allows for any received audio to interrupt playback (有用)
  64. app_test Client/server testing application (有用)
  65. app_transfer Performs a transfer on the current channel (有用)
  66. app_url Passes a URI to the called channel (有限制的)
  67. app_userevent Generates a custom event in the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) (有用)
  68. app_verbose Generates a custom event in the Asterisk CLI (有用)
  69. app_voicemail Provides voicemail (重要)
  70. app_waitforring Waits for a RING signaling event (not to be confused with RINGING); most likely unnecessary, as only chan_dahdi with analog channels where ringing is received (such as an FXO port) generates the RING signaling event (不重要)
  71. app_waitforsilence Includes WaitForSilence() and WaitForNoise() ; listens to the incoming channel for a specified number of milliseconds of noise/silence (有用)
  72. app_waituntil Waits until current Linux epoch matches specified epoch (有用)
  73. app_while Includes While() , EndWhile() , ExitWhile() , and ContinueWhile() ; provides while-loop functionality in the dialplan (有用)
  74. app_zapateller Generates SIT (Special Information Tone) to discourage telemarketers (有用)

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