Asterisk : The Cookbook 食譜 014 - 撥號計劃功能

Q014: 可以說說撥號計劃功能模組嗎?

撥號計劃功能模組針對撥號計畫應用補充許多功能,像 字串處理, 時區同步, ODBC 連接等等

  1. func_aes Encrypts/decrypts an AES string (有用)
  2. func_audiohookinherit Allows calls to be recorded after transfer (有用)
  3. func_base64 Encodes/decodes a base-64 string (有用)
  4. func_blacklist Writes/reads blacklist in astdb (有用)
  5. func_callcompletion Gets/sets call-completion configuration parameters for the channel 
  6. func_callerid Gets/sets CallerID (有用)
  7. func_cdr Gets/sets CDR variable (有用)
  8. func_channel Gets/sets channel information (有用)
  9. func_config Includes AST_CONFIG() ; reads variables from config file (有用)
  10. func_connectedline Changes connected-line information on supported handsets 
  11. func_curl Uses cURL to obtain data from a URI (有用)
  12. func_cut Slices and dices strings (有用)
  13. func_db Provides astdb functions (有用)
  14. func_devstate Gets state of device (有用)
  15. func_dialgroup Creates a group for simultaneous dialing (有用)
  16. func_dialplan Validates that designated target exists in dialplan (有用)
  17. func_enum Performs ENUM lookup (有用)
  18. func_env Includes FILE() , STAT() , and ENV() ; performs operating system actions (有用)
  19. func_extstate Returns status of a hinted extension (有用)
  20. func_global Gets/sets global variables (有用)
  21. func_groupcount Gets/sets channel count for members of a group (有用)
  22. func_hangupcause Gets/sets hangupcause information from the channel (有用)
  23. func_iconv Converts between character sets (有用)
  24. func_jitterbuffer Includes the JITTERBUFFER() function, which allows you to place a jitterbuffer on a channel. (有用)
  25. func_lock Includes LOCK() , UNLOCK() , and TRYLOCK() ; sets a lock that can (有用)
  26. be used to avoid race conditions in the dialplan func_logic Includes ISNULL() , SET() , EXISTS() , IF() , IFTIME() , and IMPORT() ; performs various logical functions (有用)
  27. func_math Includes MATH() , INC() , and DEC() ; performs mathematical functions (有用)
  28. func_md5 Converts supplied string to an MD5 hash (有用)
  29. func_module Checks to see if supplied module is loaded into memory (有用)
  30. func_odbc Allows dialplan integration with ODBC resources (有用)
  31. func_pitchshift Shifts the pitch of an audio stream (有用)
  32. func_presencestate Gets/sets presence state; this is primarily used by Asterisk integration with Digium phones (有用)
  33. func_rand Returns a random number within a given range (有用)
  34. func_realtime Performs lookups within the Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA) (有用)
  35. func_redirecting Provides access to information about where this call was redirected from (有用)
  36. func_sha1 Converts supplied string to an SHA1 hash (有用)
  37. func_shell Performs Linux shell operations and returns results (有用)
  38. func_speex Reduces noise and performs dB gain/loss on an audio stream (有用)
  39. func_sprintf Performs string format functions similar to C function of same name (有用)
  40. func_srv Performs SRV lookups in the dialplan (有用)
  41. func_strings Includes over a dozen string manipulation functions (有用)
  42. func_sysinfo Gets system information such as RAM, swap, load average, etc. (有用)
  43. func_timeout Gets/sets timeouts on channel (有用)
  44. func_uri Converts strings to URI-safe encoding (有用)
  45. func_version Returns Asterisk version information (有用)
  46. func_vmcount Returns count of messages in a voicemail folder for a particular user (有用)
  47. func_volume Sets volume on a channel (有用)

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