The testing report for the GUI of TI TVP9007 EVB

The testing report for the GUI of TI TVP9007 EVB

  • serious
    1. There is an unused menu item, "Download RRT" should be removed.
    2. The "Time Zone" just only 4 area, P, M, C, E. There are 7 time zone for America, so suggest that we should complete the all Time Zone. Maybe the the four Time Zone P, M, C, E for north america is sufficient.
    3. The menu display exist a bug when return to main menu from v-chip submenu. The v-chip focus menu button overley with unfocus menu button. The other three menu items do not exist such a bug. (當從 v-chip 子選單返回主選單時,會因為要顯示 v-chip 在「focus」狀態造成跟 v-chip 的 unfocus 狀態的選單圖樣重疊)
    4. There is a bug exist in timeout to disappear the menu. When the menu operation stop at entering the password for v-chip submenu and wait it timeout, the menu disappear. Press "Menu" again, will cannot keyin the correct password. It need let it fail and keyin again. (當停在輸入密碼以便進入 v-chip 選單時,若輸入不完全,例如只輸入三碼,等到 timeout 會造成選單消失,若再按 Menu 再按 v-chip 輸入密碼時,無法有效輸入密碼,會顯示密碼無效,必須重新輸入正確密碼才行). This bug may be come from timeout policy, system will remember the menu status but not clean it for the smart menu operation. This bug may cause the system crashed.

  • Suggestion
    1. The menu operating experience is not consistent, such as when press "left" in submenu will equal to exit but not in main menu.
    2. There is no any icon in menu item.
    3. Transparency mode just "On" and "Off" status.
    4. The layout of menu button is not cosy for the vision.

4 意見:

匿名 提到...

I am in US and will buy a converter box. Do you know the "smart antenna" capability of TI TVO9007? Does it constantly process the signal and resteer the antenna to get a better reception?

菠蘿麵包 提到...

TI 這顆 chip 能力不錯,但是關於 Smart Antenna 在台灣無法測試,因此您的問題我無法回答,但是據 TI 的測試報告來看是值得您信賴的。

blacksburg98 at yahoo dot com 提到...

Thanks for your answer. Does TI's testing report say anything about its "smart antenna" capability? I am unable to find anything useful from TI's website.

菠蘿麵包 提到...

很抱歉,這算是機密部份,再說我也沒在負責這塊了,或許您應該直接與 TI 聯繫。