ATSC abbreviate

ATSC 常用字縮寫表
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
bslbf bit serial, leftmost bit first
BMP basic multilingual plane
CAT Conditional Access Table
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CTCT cable virtual channel table
DCC directed channel change
DCCRR DCC capable DTV reference receiver
DCCSCT DCC selection code table
DET data event table
DTV digital television
EPG electronic program guide
EIT event information table
EMM entitlement management message
ETM extended text message
ETT extended text table
PGS global positioning system
PSIP program and system information protocol
MGT master guide table
MPAA motion picture association of america
MPEG moving picture experts group
NVOD near video on demand
OOB out of band
PAT program association table
PCR program clock reference
PES packetized elementary stream
PID packet identifier
PMT program map table - the collection of all the TS_program_map_section()s
PTC physical transmission channel
SCTE society of cable telecommunications engineers
SI system information
STD system target decoder
STT system time table
rpchof remainder polynomial coefficients, highest order first
RRT rating region table
TVCT terrestrial virtual channel table
UTC coordinated universal time
uimsbf unsigned integer, most significant bit first
VCT virtual channel table. used in reference to either TVCT or CVCT

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