GeeXboX + Freevo 的好消息

the Freevo/GeeXboX project has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2007
目前在 GeeXboX 團隊的努力下(個人看法 Ben 的用心非常值得學習),不但已經與 Freevo 達成協議,而且目前已經取得更多人的加入,請參考上述網址。底下是 Ben 發出來的 email 提到的:

For the record, the accepted projects are:
- "LiveCD boot and HDD installation process" by Adir Abraham
- "Controlling Freevo through a simple web interface" by Ky Phan
- "DVB CAM support" by Alessandro Decina
- "Gstreamer Integration" by Killian Faughnan

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