unzip unsupported compression method 99

我最近遇到 unzip 要解開收到的附件,卻出現 unsupported compression method 99,因為明明是 .zip 檔,所以一直以為是 winzip 太新用了什麼鳥方法造成的,因為困擾不大就沒深究。後來才發現用 7z 可以解開,查了一下,底下一篇有說明 http://juljas.net/linux/tips/,其說明如下:

ZIP unsupported compression method 99
There is new kind of compresion that can be used to compress files inside .zip file.
It is related to security encryption and regular Linux unzip utility does not know how to handle that.

Files compressed with method 99 can be uncompressed with another utility called 7z. There is Linux & win32 version.
Syntax is: 7z x file.zip

7z is available at 7z home site and in standard repositories (i.e. yum install p7zip p7zip-plugins)

事實上在 debian/ubuntu 中也有 p7zip 可以安裝,請自行用 apt-cache search p7zip 找。若含密碼的話,解開的語法是類似
7z x -p密碼緊接在此 File.zip

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